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Back to Bite You

“Why did all the good ones have to be undead? And staunchly opposed to dating the living?”

Seven weeks ago, Jessica Ramos was just a humble bookseller peddling paranormal romance novels in the Houston suburbs. She had no idea vampires actually existed. Now she’s met and fallen in love with one. His name is Nathan and he’s perfect for her. Too bad he’s also got hang-ups about getting romantically involved with a living woman. He’s declared he won’t date Jessica unless and until he’s back to being human again.

No sweat. Jessica’s convinced that she, her stake-toting best friend Lucy, and the rest of their new gang of supernatural-savvy friends can find a way to free Nathan from his vampiric curse. All they need is a solid plan–and the guts to go up against the vicious master nosferatu who turned Nathan in the first place.

Can the gang hunt down a happy ending for Jessica and Nathan, or will fate turn everything upside down? Only one thing’s certain: they’re about to discover that even the best-laid plans can go awry when unexpected surprises pop up…and the past comes BACK TO BITE YOU.

More About the Book

  • Back to Bite You is a light-hearted paranormal romantic comedy of approximately 72,000 words and is narrated in third person from multiple characters’ POV.
  • It is Book 2 in a series and takes place after The Sharpest Kiss.

Reader advisory: Back to Bite You includes mild cursing, alcohol consumption, vampire-related violence, and mild sensuality.


Year: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 201
Publisher: Eight Oh Six/Tangential Publishing
Categories: Fiction / Romance / New Adult / Paranormal

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