The Sharpest Kiss Series

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The Sharpest Kiss Series

3 novels + Bonus Content

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The Sharpest Kiss and Back to Bite You are a two volume low-angst, non-epic paranormal romantic comedy featuring vampires.

This pair of short novels contain parts one and two of a complete story (although part one can be read as a stand-alone). They feature a cast of young characters (early to late twenties) living in the Houston suburbs when their normal, everyday existences are rudely intruded upon by a vicious member of the undead.

I don’t know about you, but I personally enjoy all different varieties of romance novels and vampire books. These books in particular, I would characterize as “New Adult Paranormal Romantic Comedies,” or maybe “Romantic Horror Comedies.” They’re fun, light-hearted stories intended to be fairly quick reads, and which will hopefully entertain you, warm your heart, and leave a smile on your face.

Yesterday’s Demon is a stand-alone novel that follows The Sharpest Kiss and Back to Bite You.

Series Order

  1. The Sharpest Kiss (Lucy and Aaron)
  2. Back to Bite You (Jessica and Nathan)
  3. Yesterday’s Demon (Marta and Harris)


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The Sharpest Kiss
Back to Bite You
Yesterday's Demon
The Sharpest Kiss Collection