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The Real You Series

1 Novel + 1 Novella

The Real You and A Very Merry Carreen Halloween are a couple of cute and lighthearted romances.

After publishing my 2nd book, Fear and Laundry 2, I had no intention of writing any more books set in Carreen, TX, at least not for a while. I spent a year working on a completely different project, but when NaNoWriMo 2015 rolled around, I decided to take a break from that new book and write something else.

I started from a few notes I’d made regarding the epilogue to FaL 2, and the character introduced there, named Rourke. I’d thought I might write a short story about her, but I wound up writing a full-length novel, which became The Real You. Since it came together much faster than the other project I had been working on, I decided to concentrate on Rourke’s story, instead, for a while and then go ahead and put it out.

I loved writing The Real You and I hope y’all enjoy reading it.

A Very Merry Carreen Halloween (which I’m so far referring to as a “Bonus Holiday Special”) takes place about 2+ years after the end of The Real You. It features Rourke, Dallas, and a bunch of other characters from The Real You, as well as Fear and Laundry and Fear and Laundry 2. I have no idea if anyone will be interested in reading this (and, really, that is true of everything I’ve ever written in my life), but I wrote it anyway because:

  1. I like Rourke and Dallas, they wouldn’t leave my mind, and I wanted to write a little more about them.
  2. I enjoy writing about holidays, and since Halloween is my favorite, I wanted to write a story set then.
  3. And yeah, I wanted to put the characters in funny costumes and send them off to a haunted house :D. Why not, I ask you?

I hope at least some of y’all will check it out and get a kick out of it.

Series Order

  1. The Real You
  2. A Very Merry Carreen Halloween

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The Real You
A Very Merry Carreen Halloween