Fear and Laundry Parts 1 & 2

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Fear and Laundry Parts 1 & 2 Cover

Fear and Laundry Parts 1 & 2

Classic horror movies, rock music, VHS tapes, zines, and cassettes…let the teen romance of Fear and Laundry take you back to the ’90s.

It’s 1994, and seventeen-year-old Veronica Montez has a few things she needs to get done fast:

  • Take plenty of rad pictures for the next issue of her best friend’s zine.
  • Learn how to play drums so she doesn’t embarrass herself in front of everyone at her new band’s upcoming first gig.
  • Keep her grades above a C average so she can actually graduate from high school on time.
  • Get over her hopeless crush on her best friend’s sexy, super talented, guitar-playing older brother.
  • And, oh, yeah…figure out what to do with the rest of her entire life.

Something tells her a few of these tasks might prove more difficult than the others.

This collection of Fear and Laundry includes books one and two in their entirety.

Reader advisory: rated PG-13 for strong language, underage drinking, and sensuality.

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Year: 2021 (contains material originally published 2011-2014)
Language: English
Pages: 681
Publisher: Eight Oh Six/Tangential Publishing
Categories: Fiction / Romance / Young Adult / Contemporary

Fear and Laundry